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Why Millennials Should Stick to Renting - Charlotte, NC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Auston Woods, Charlotte, NCToday’s 20-somethings and even those in their early 30s came of age in what may have been the worst national real estate market on record since their grandparents were born. Now a major online realtor wants to persuade them that it’s high time to take a risk; that it’s time to walk away from paying high rents in some costly markets and pay high prices to buy their own homes.

There’s nothing wrong with the mathematics at the heart of the analysis by Trulia.

Trulia is even urging millennials to push the envelope. Buy a house, they suggest, and eat ramen noodles to make mortgage payments for a year or so, because after a raise or promotion or two, that new house will look like a bargain and be a much easier financial burden.<

But for many Americans, the tradeoff isn’t that easy. And to be blunt, it shouldn’t be. If you don’t plan carefully, your dream of home ownership can end up as a financial nightmare. Here are the points to ponder.

Trulia is arguing that millennials should stretch themselves financially, basing that argument on a hypothesis that may or may not be valid: that they can expect their incomes to rise and their personal financial outlook to improve. You’ll need to be ruthlessly honest with yourself: is that likely to be the case with you?

More than any other single factor, what anyone wrestling with the buy v rent decision needs to ponder is the extent to which they are stable. That means how stable their job is (and how likely they are to get promotions and raises over the coming years), how stable their relationship or marriage is (is there a risk that they might have to sell the house at a bad time in the market because of a divorce or split?), and how stable their career path is (might they move cities or states to work for a different company or attend graduate school?). If the answers to any of those questions signals doubt that they might not be committed to staying in that house for the next five or more years – then regardless of what the mathematics says, buying probably isn’t a good idea.

That’s because while a house purchase can make sense when you run the math, it may still not be wise when you examine life circumstances. A great many homeowners found themselves in precisely the same predicament during the housing crisis: needing to sell because they were relocating, because they were elderly or because they were military families asked to deploy overseas, but unable to find buyers because of the market conditions. So, evaluate your circumstances.

Be equally honest about your finances.

But the costs of home ownership doesn’t stop with the mortgage. Remember, you’ll also need money to pay property taxes, and the bank that gives you your mortgage will want proof that you’ve got an insurance policy on your new home. When you were renting, there’s a chance that your landlord covered some of your utility expenses: almost certainly he paid a water bill, and possibly either heating or power. Now, all that will be your responsibility. You spot an ominous drip in a ceiling? That’s now your responsibility to fix quickly, before it becomes a flood. That parade of ants through your kitchen in spring? That’s up to you to control, along with the signs of mice nibbling on the edges of your cereal box in the kitchen cupboard. The refrigerator that you bought along with the house dies, and that’s another expenditure and then there’s the time that you invest in mowing the lawn, painting the walls, and so on.

You’ll also have to keep putting money into your retirement savings plan, because your house can’t end up being 100% of your nest egg.

This might not even be the right time to buy, anyway. Sure, rental prices are high, but chasing housing prices higher is rarely a wise plan. You may feel that houses are becoming less and less available, and less and less affordable, and you’d be right on both counts.

Millennials and others who are mulling the renting v buying tradeoff should also ponder some of the long-term market dynamics that will affect the housing market now.

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Employment Opportunities and Schools in Charlotte, NC

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Auston Woods, Charlotte, NCAre you thinking of relocating to Charlotte, NC? If so, you must be wondering about job opportunities. If you have a family, you certainly want to know about schooling. Here is some information for you to consider.

What kind of jobs are there in Charlotte, NC?

Because it's the headquarters for Bank of America and has major offices for Wells Fargo, Charlotte is sometimes perceived as just a banking town. While the financial industry is central to the region, it's not the only major employer. Others include Lowe's, which is headquartered in nearby Mooresville, and American Airlines puts many Charlotte residents to work. Home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame and the Charlotte Motor Speedway, motorsports are another major part of both the economy and the culture of the metro area.

The unemployment rate in Charlotte is on par with the national average. The average household income in Charlotte is above average.

How good are the schools in Charlotte, NC?

Charlotte encompasses 113 public elementary, middle and high schools. Charlotte also has 128 private schools. Thirteen high schools are recognized on U.S. News & World Report's Best High Schools rankings.

Charlotte is also home to nine colleges and/or universities, one of which earned a place on U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges rankings.

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US News – Real Estate

What's it like to live in Charlotte, NC?

Joseph Coupal - Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Auston Woods, Charlotte, NCCharlotte is a region that's equal parts old-fashioned southern charm and high-energy cosmopolitan bustle. You'll still hear "y'all" dropped into casual conversation, but Charlotte is a metro area on the rise, and has its own culture, culinary sophistication and unique feel that's making it a more enticing place for people from all over the world to settle down. This melting pot effect makes Charlotte an easy area to break into. You're not from here? Well neither are most people you'll meet.

Charlotte has become a place filled with new restaurants to try and events that attract people from all over. It's a standalone destination area now, no longer living in the shadow of Atlanta or Charleston, South Carolina. Though Charlotte has evolved significantly in the past decade, the transformation is only continuing, as evidenced by the numerous construction cranes across the skyline.

You'll frequently hear the word "manageable" used to describe Charlotte. Its climate is more manageable than Florida's and its housing prices and living expenses are more manageable than New York City. You can take your family out to eat without spending a fortune, and on the weekends, free events are easy to find.


U.S. News analyzed 100 metro areas in the United States to find the best places to live based on quality of life and the job market in each metro area, as well as the value of living there and people's desire to live there. Charlotte ranks as #14 with an overall score of 7.1 out of 10.

Charlotte, NC - #14 in Best Places to Live

  • 7.1 Overall Score
  • 6.5 Quality of Life
  • 7.4 Value

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US News

Valentine’s Day in Charlotte, NC

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Auston Woods Apartments, Charlotte, NCIf you live in an apartment in Charlotte, NC and are looking for a great way to spend Valentine’s Day, here is a great idea.

The Bed-and-Breakfast Escape

Stay: Located in the prestigious Dilworth neighborhood, TheMorehead Inn, constructed in 1917, is an elegant, historic destination. Each guest room is adorned with period furnishings, luxurious linens, cozy bathrobes and specialty bath products. The customizable romance package includes chocolate-dipped strawberries, fresh flowers and Champagne. A bountiful Southern breakfast for two is served each morning.

Dine: Inside the 1913 Lucas House, The Fig Tree Restaurant makes for an intimate dining experience that is high end yet comfortable. Wine Spectator magazine repeatedly recognizes the wine list with its Award of Excellence. Chef Greg Zanitsch’s acclaimed menu changes with the seasons, but the elk chop is a perennial favorite. And the desserts are as creative as they are delicious.

Play: Step inside Re Salon and Med Spa to escape from any stress or tension. Whether you spend an hour getting a massage or book a full-day spa treatment, you’ll leave feeling better than when you arrived. Prepare for a glamorous evening out with a visit to the in-house makeup artists or Blow Out Bar.

Indulge: Select a glass of something bubbly at Dilworth’s Foxcroft Wine Co. The vino haven’s small plates and shareable dishes pair well with the carefully curated list of wines and craft beers. Another cozy wine bar on Selwyn Avenue, Petit Philippe specializes in select pours and fine chocolate. Each chocolate creation is handmade in-house and is a true work of art. For brunch or an afternoon snack, visit Nova's Bakery on Dilworth’s northern edge for a cup of coffee, a croissant, a slice of pie or all three.


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