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Some Funny Things About Charlotte...

Joseph Coupal - Wednesday, March 19, 2014

If you live in an apartment in Charlotte, NC you know we have a great city. Lately, it seems like Charlotte is topping the list of just about everything. While it is a great place for young professionals and anyone in banking. In its own fun way it can also be a truly bizarre place to live and an even more bizarre place to visit. But when you live here, you love these things about Charlotte.

1. Downtown Is Called Uptown

Therefore left is right, "stop" means "go," and every day is opposite day.

2. Most are Not From Charlotte

The astounding lack of a Charlotte character and culture is confusing, but it makes finding those hidden gems that much better.

3. #JEAH!

Charlotte has three celebrities (Michael Jordan, Cam Newton, and Ryan Lochte), which makes it relatively easy to stalk spot them around town.

4. Everything Is Oddly Evangelical

Billy Graham's library is here, as is the mega-church Elevation. If you're not religious, you'll feel pretty out of place amongst all the Elevation bumper-stickers. Just go hang out in NoDa with all the other atheists and find a quiet place to sin.

5. Everyone Works For The Big 3

Bank of America, Wells or Red Ventures. There is no one else, so you might as well work for one of the cults.

6. Buzz City Bobcats

The Bobcats are the only NBA team in Charlotte, but they've got some competition- from Duke and UNC. College basketball rules North Carolina, and even Michael Jordan has a hard time cheering for the Bobcats/Hornets/whatever of Buzz City.

7. BofA Is Trying To Tell You Something

At one of the Bank of America buildings, these super creepy Occult Frescoes with images of the Apocalypse greet workers in the lobby. Truly no better (or weirder) way to start the morning than seeing "spinning naked bodies in a vortex of fire."

8. The Streets Are Not Busy

If you're not attending the CIAA convention or a "young professional" going to Ri Ra or Dandy on a Friday night, Charlotte is the city that always sleeps.

9. If You Ain't First, You're Last

In this city, NASCAR is both the main sport and one of the biggest attractions. The biggest race? It takes place in October, and it's sponsored by that big bank with all the weird paintings listed above.

10. Public Transportation Is Hilarious

Does anyone actually use the light rail?

11. Rafting & Rapids?

The US National Whitewater Center is located in Charlotte. Sure the center would make more sense in say, Colorado, but that's why Charlotte's weird.

12. Graveyards Are EVERYWHERE

Looking for a place to run, walk your dog, or relieve yourself after a night at Connolly's? You're in luck, because that's what the massive graveyards in Uptown are used for.

13. BBQ Is An Issue

In 2011, when First Lady Michelle Obama complimented the city on their "great barbecue," Charlotte adamantly objected and basically said their barbecue was "just okay." Umm... great?

14. Amelie's > America

In Charlotte, Amelie's French Bakery rules. The French are slowly taking over this Southern city by way of macaroons and salted caramel brownies. The only thing weird about this NoDa (and Uptown) hotspot? That the French actually rule something.

15. Charlotte Is Kind of Like Purgatory

Think of the Queen City as a combination of college and purgatory -- everyone moves there and then within a few years, they're accepting a job in San Francisco. Everyone else is either really happy or really horrified to find out that they're settling in pretty nicely in Charlotte.

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