Roommates: 5 Tips for Living Together

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Living with roommates can foster meaningful relationships and create lasting friends. Roommates have lots of benefits, including saving money, dividing chores, and forging friendships. Yet, roommates also can bring challenges. Sharing your space with someone else isn’t always easy and ensuring you both have the same expectations is crucial

How can you ensure that your relationship with roommates stays positive?

We can help! Based on extensive experience and witnessing countless roommate scenarios, our team has put together our top 5 tips for how to live with a roommate.   

Respect Each Other’s Privacy

It’s important to understand how each roommate defines privacy and what that means to them. For some, privacy means leaving them alone when they’re in their defined space (i.e., bedroom). For others, it’s never entering their bedroom or bathroom. Be clear about what level of privacy each person expects. A great way to encourage privacy is by finding a floorplan that is designed with bedrooms on opposite ends of an apartment or with another room between the bedrooms (i.e., bathroom). The two-bedroom floor plan at our community featured with this blog post is a great example of that ideal layout.

Be Courteous

As with many things in life, living with someone else comes is all about everyone following the Golden Rule. Simply put, treat others as you want to be treated. Be respectful and courteous. The vast majority of roommate disputes can be resolved by taking into account this advice.

Create Your Own Space

Whether you and your roommate are best friends or casual acquaintances, it’s good to create your own personal space. You can do this by personalizing a part of the apartment, such as your bedroom.  You also can create that space by having a distinct group of friends. As Buzzfeed notes, you and our roommate don’t always have to hang out or be together even if you live together. It’s healthy to spend some time apart.

Talk about Finances

One of the many benefits of sharing an apartment with a roommate is that you can save a lot of money. Even if you both are dividing the rent equally, you still need to talk about how you’ll split the cost for various items from cable to internet to apartment supplies. Apartment Therapy has some helpful tips to make this conversation as productive as possible. 

Create a Cleaning Plan

Chores can always be a point of contention and many roommates have had arguments over the dreaded chore wheel! The best solution is to discuss chore responsibilities up front. However, you divide and conquer, it’s important that everyone agrees. A good reminder from Refinery29: remember that how someone approaches cleaning is more about them and not intended to as any disrespect to you.

At Abberly Woods, we believe it’s how you live that matters. That’s why we like to share tips and recommendations to help ensure your roommate experience is positive. It’s important that your home is a place you can relax and feel comfortable.

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